Freezepop playing @TheSinclair this evening

Freezepop is at the Sinclair this evening, a few tickets are still available.  The Symbion Project opens, followed by CBM   (How can one not admire a musical project named after the thermal radiation left over after the big bang?)  and The Static Dynamic.

Also, as a reminder, Freezepop’s kickstarter is funded, but there are still 12 days left to help them pass their 3rd stretch goal!


Shakespeare celebrations today

Celebrated Somerville bakery 7ate9,  has special Shakespeare cheesecakes for sale and one can receive a mini cheesecake for accurately reciting a Shakespearean sonnet from memory.  “Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?”

There will be Bard birthday cake at in Harvard Square for the 9th annual Bookish Ball, with Shakespearean performances,  a Sonnet Slam, and live music by the Willow Flute Ensemble!

Actors from Shit-faced Shakespeare will have a busy day, performing in the Square, then performing all three of their shows:  A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Merchant of Venice, and Much Ado About Nothing at the Davis square theater.

shakespeare cheesecake

Catch Freezepop and friends @ the Sinclair on May 14th

Synthpop legends and local favorites Freezepop will be playing The Sinclair on May 14th.

It’s a SuperFreezepop lineup with The Duke, who will also be performing as the Symbian Project.  (Will we see a return of the French horn players who  accompanied him at the  Harmonix Amplitude release party this winter? Time alone will tell.)

Also appearing: The Static Dynamic and  CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background).


Freezepop @ the Middle East downstairs in 2015

Catch a rising star!

Wally Shawn and Christopher Durang are among the playwrights who attended Harvard..  Perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of a future talent at the 2016 Harvard Playwrights’ Festival, which features of readings featuring new works undergraduate playwrights performed by undergraduate actors. It runs through Sunday, and then again next week on Wednesday the 27th.


Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play now playing at The Lyric Stage

Mr. Burns,  a Post-Electric Play examines storytelling, from the vantage point a post-apocalyptic setting.

The first act is set soon after a disaster that ended civilization–a frightened band of survivors try to distract themselves by remembering and retelling a Simpson’s episode. The second act occurs 7 years later, with the same group now attempting to put on a dramatic performance of that Simpson’s episode, complete with costume, props, and commercials. They struggle to evoke the carefree times that existed before the downfall of civilization. By the third act, 75 years later, story has transformed into myth, and we see a passion play recounting the struggles and hardships that people endured in a catastrophe that killed 99% of the population.

The play is written by Anne Washburn who wrote Communist Dracula Pageant, and who discusses her new play, Antlia Pneumatica (currently running at Playwrights Horizon in New York), in a recent New Yorker article.

You can get a sense of Mr. Burns from the this video from the NYC premiere: