countdown: 5 Days until the Independent Film Festival Boston

One perk of attending a film festival is that directors, actors, producers, subjects of a documentary or other people associated with the movie often attend and answer questions after a screening. It’s your chance to probe further, or to understand how other audience members have responded to a film.

countdown: 6 Days until the Independent Film Festival Boston

One of the best reasons to attend a film festival is the audience.  Any movie, especially a comedy, is better as a shared experience.  Energy builds through a crowd as we laugh and cry and gasp in horror or delight.  Festival audiences are even better, because they’ve gone out of their way to attend a… Continue reading countdown: 6 Days until the Independent Film Festival Boston

great neighborhoods

The Independent Film Festival Boston, of the regions best cultural events, starts next week.  You can catch films in some really fun neighborhoods: Davis Square, Harvard Square, and Coolidge Corner.  If you have a favorite nearby art house, this is a chance to cross the Charles and catch a great film on the other side of the river.  Near each venue are all sorts of great restaurants, cool local coffeehouses, and funky unique stores to check out before or after the show, so plan to make a fun trip out of it!

Cambridge Science Festival starts this weekend

Families looking to celebrate science, engineering, and math should check out Cambridge’s Science Festival.  There is a science carnival and robot zoo (!) this Saturday at the main branch of the public library and the War Memorial gym, but there are all sorts of other events happening from the 17th to the 26th, including: multimedia… Continue reading Cambridge Science Festival starts this weekend

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Harvard Film Festival runs April 13 through the 18th

The second annual Harvard College Film Festival expands to four days to explore the theme: “Young Visionaries: The Different Faces of Film” presenting student films on artistic, political or comic themes. Free and open to the public, it also features an art exhibit and industry panel.

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Mayfair to feature bands hand picked by the Sinclair!

Mayfair (Sunday May 3rd in Harvard Square) will feature great local bands (Freezepop included!)  picked by the programmers of the Sinclair (and other great venues).  Vanyaland notes that “Everyone complains that Boston doesn’t have its own homegrown music festival — this year’s Mayfair might just be the answer.”

Dig through your crates: Bizarro Album Cover Contest

The Somerville Arts Council is holding a contest to find the most unique album art, featuring “truly bizarro scenarios, terrifying facial expressions, psychedelic imagery and bad hair”. Deadlines for submissions is April 20th.

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Tabletop Day

Tabletop games have moved beyond being a niche hobby. Sophisticated board games for adults of all ages are available at Target and Walmart, and the episodes of Wil Wheaton’s YouTube series Tabletop can get nearly a millions views.  Saturday the 11th is Tabletop Day, and there are several places to mark the occasion in town:… Continue reading Tabletop Day